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flash March 14, 2018 11:51 am

10 Free Responsive WordPress Themes for the Year 2018

WordPress is the best blogging platform and content management system for today’s era. WordPress offers unlimited free resources such as awesome free theme templates and plugin, widget, etc. Choosing the best theme for your website, it can be confusing and Painstaking task, you might be confused that which one is better and how many WordPress themes there.

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Self hosted vs. hosted ecommerce March 2, 2018 10:13 am

Self Hosted vs. Hosted Ecommerce: Which is right for you?

Do you want to create an online store where you can display both physical and digital goods? Perhaps you already have a physical store and would like to showcase your products online so that you can reach a wider market.

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Monochromatic Colour Scheme March 1, 2018 9:35 am

Should You Use a Monochromatic Colour Scheme for Your Website?

A monochromatic color scheme is based entirely on a single color tint, using only different shades of the same hue. The resulting variations are achieved by adjusting the brightness and saturation of the base color.

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Google AMP WordPress February 20, 2018 1:09 pm

Google AMP For Your WordPress Website

Raise your hands if you want a fast loading website for mobile devices. It is obvious that everyone needs a website that is quick in loading. This not only gives you a chance to interact perfectly with your audience but also leaves a positive impression on them. We all know about the Google announcement for page speed.

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Everly's Blog February 20, 2018 11:58 am

10 Responsive WordPress Themes For Bloggers

Nowadays blogging turned out to be an extremely popular thing that attracts more and more attention every single day. The Internet is overloaded with various blogs regarding various topics like fashion, cooking, entertainment, business and so on and so forth. Why not try and create your own online-project and share your thoughts on multiple aspects of life on the web?

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Prevent WordPress SQL injection February 10, 2018 11:14 am

How To Prevent Your WordPress Website From SQL Injection

The WordPress CMS has become a part and parcel of the life of tech-savvy people with business aspirations. Every day, new WordPress websites are built in large numbers all across the world. With WordPress websites, entrepreneurs can easily run a web-based business with low investment and meet their goals. This article explains how to prevent WordPress SQL injection.

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Add new site February 4, 2018 9:24 am

WordPress Multisite Installation To Run A Network of Websites

When you launch a web-based business and operate it carefully, success comes in your way sooner or later. It helps you to make more revenues. Soon, you start to feel the need for more than one website to meet the rapidly growing demands of the existing and potential customers. A good number of individuals don’t have sufficient budget to create and manage different websites separately. This is where the WordPress Multisite network comes into the picture? What exactly is this? How it works and benefits entrepreneurs? Let’s find out.

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Social media plugins for WordPress January 24, 2018 11:47 am

10 Effective Social Media Plugins For WordPress

Social media is an integral and very effective form of online marketing. Marketing your business via social media offers tremendous advantages. Firstly, social media is rich with billions of potential customers. Secondly, marketing on social media is very easy and affordable. Compared to the traditional form of marketing, social media marketing can be done with social media plugins for WordPress with more ease and can be employed by businesses of all scales; small scale or large scale business.

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WordPress caching January 23, 2018 10:05 am

Know-how Of WordPress Caching And Its Several Aspects

WordPress caching is the easiest approach to improve overall site performance. It simply speeds up the internal processing by reusing the previously generated data and database queries.

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Large product images January 17, 2018 12:10 pm

How Can Responsive Upscaling of E-commerce Optimize User Experience

Responsive design has become an important aspect of eCommerce websites. Though there are multiple aspects that revolve around the responsive design technology, however a seamless browsing experience is something that counts to be of high significance. There are so many industries that have already adopted the responsive design approach, however, the eCommerce industry is one that has not yet picked up this approach.

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WordPress child theme January 15, 2018 9:44 am

WordPress Child Theme

In the terminology of content management systems, a child theme is a helper theme that depends on the parent theme and allows its modifications. On the other hand, it doesn’t modify the code of the parent theme explicitly. The deletion of the WordPress child theme would simply restore the features of the parent theme. This tutorial will explain why the usage of child themes is important and how to create a child theme from any parent theme.

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Embedding youtube video in WordPress January 12, 2018 2:42 pm

How to Embed Videos in WordPress

Learn how to embed videos in WordPress. Newer WordPress versions allowed the embedding of video files much easier. The simplicity of embedding videos into WordPress posts and pages is comparable with the simplicity of adding images. It’s especially true if your video is hosted on one of the popular video hosting sites, such as Youtube or Vimeo.

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FinVisor Business Consultant WordPress Theme January 11, 2018 3:38 pm

10 Premium WordPress Themes for Business Startups

A new year has just begun and that means it’s exactly the time to start a new business! Or, if you already own one, why not help it grow? Today we have collected 10 of the top WordPress themes for business startups. Why would you need a website? Well, why wouldn’t you? It’s the Internet age, and when people need literally anything, the first thing they do is a Google search. So, if you want your business to strive, it’s crucial to have a decent website.

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hosted December 21, 2017 10:27 am

5 Responsive WordPress Themes With Superb Customization Options

WordPress has become one of the best ways both businesses and individuals can harness the potential of the online world. Using such a forum where any and all walks-of-life gather has rendered endless e-commerce and marketing opportunities for businesses around the globe.

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Bootstrap Four December 11, 2017 10:29 am

7 Best Blank WordPress Themes For Your Website

WordPress is an appropriate name when it comes to picking a reliable platform in the web designing and development realm. The plenty of themes and plugins that it contains make it a lovable choice of developers. Above everything, WordPress theme development services introduce something refreshing every second day to add beauty to the list of features it embeds inside.

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Art Gallery Responsive WordPress Theme December 11, 2017 9:35 am

Top 10+ Artists WordPress Themes

The history of art is, for sure, as ancient and diversified as the history of the world. People always wanted to express themselves in different ways. Among the oldest ways, we can define sculpture, music, theatre, painting, jewelry making, embroidery, and many others. Then the photography and film-making appeared. And finally, thanks to the fast-paced developing of technologies, we can enjoy more and more forms of postmodern art, which include pop art, conceptual art, net art, tattoo design, and also digital, video, performance and installation art.

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WordPress menu plugins November 29, 2017 9:12 am

Widely Used WordPress Menu Plugins For Better Site Navigation

How’s the feeling when you get lost on the road near your destination and put efforts to find ways to reach there? That is really a tough situation to handle where you don’t find the right path to move on. Exactly like in real life, WordPress Menu Plugins for website navigation plays a significant role to provide design usability and better user experience.

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instagram wordpress November 23, 2017 10:12 am

Instagram, WordPress – Learn the Key Lessons for a Successful Website

There are some key factors that web owners need to get adjusted to from the social media dynamism sites like Instagram. There are many other social network platforms, but Instagram WordPress is the best and most popular among them.

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social media marketing November 14, 2017 8:53 am

Excellent Content is The Secret to Successful Social Media Marketing

When it comes to social media marketing, more people like to focus on fancy marketing tools, analytics tools, and other automation processes to make the process smoother. There are so many how-to guides for using these tools that in the midst of all the rising automation trends, we have forgotten the gist of any good marketing strategy.

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Orthodontist website November 9, 2017 9:08 am

How to Gain the Right Visibility for Orthodontist Website

For orthodontists, having a modern and well-equipped message is a picture, like they say, that can say a thousand words about your competence and professionalism. But in a dynamic world where the majority of your target market is online for most of the day, having a brilliant orthodontist website that fits is just as important.

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Premium or Free WordPress theme? November 6, 2017 9:22 am

Reasons To Get Premium WordPress Theme Rather Than a Free One

From the time WordPress has entered the market, there is a constant battle going on the thought of utilizing a free WordPress theme over a premium WordPress theme and vice versa.

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Hot WordPress Blog Topics October 25, 2017 11:09 am

6 Sources of Piping Hot WordPress Blog Topics

You just launched your WordPress blog, you are excited and about to write your very first post. You open MS Word (or the WP page – whichever you prefer) and start.

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WordPress trends October 2, 2017 7:21 am

WordPress Trends You Need To Implement in Development

Since its release in the last 14 years, WordPress has continued to improve with each passing day. The prominence of CMS is expanding all across the globe owing to additional functionalities, themes, and tools. Due to these advantages, WordPress has become a useful platform for businesses that wish to manage their websites on their own. Here are some WordPress trends you need to implement.

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contact form plugins September 25, 2017 8:07 am

Which Contact Form Plugins Should You Be Using for Your WordPress Site?

WordPress has a good number of wonderful features, but it doesn’t allow you to create contact forms natively. Developers won’t have a problem creating a contact form of course, but for those who are not that skilled, plugins can be a great help. Developers can also use them, especially if they are too busy fussing about all the other parts of the website that must come out absolutely perfect.

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WordPress cheat sheet September 22, 2017 9:03 am

Mega WordPress Cheat Sheet PDF

It goes without saying that WordPress is one of the most popular CMS. Millions of bloggers and web developers use it every day to create awesome websites. We are giving you this WordPress cheat sheet for free to save your time in everyday work with WordPress.

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WordPress mobile friendly September 22, 2017 8:50 am

Reasons Why It’s Important To Have A 100% WordPress Mobile Friendly Site

WordPress is a fantastic platform to build your website as it allows you to take your default WordPress site to the next level. WordPress optimizes your website so you are assured of having a higher amount of traffic and more satisfied visitors. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by making a hundred percent WordPress mobile-friendly website.

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Time management September 7, 2017 8:42 am

How to Use Mind Maps to Plan Your Next WordPress Website

Troubled with thoughts of burgeoning competition for your WordPress website? Clueless about the next big idea that you can create a WordPress website for? Looking for design inspiration that will help your next WordPress website become the rage in town? We can understand your concerns; there are so many contents, sites, and web projects out there, that it can be a daunting task to create something original, new and unique.

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WordPress content marketing September 4, 2017 11:12 am

Build Website to Bolster WordPress Content Marketing Efforts

The success of any business largely depends on marketing and with the evolving technologies, digital marketing is majorly grasping the market today. There are different types of WordPress content marketing methods, but none can beat the innovative and effective methods of digital marketing. There are different ways in which digital marketing through websites can influence your business, and at the same time, the overall procedure is very cost-effective too.

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Wordpress restaurant digital signage August 19, 2017 7:59 am

WordPress Is The King Of Restaurant Digital Signage

Designing your restaurant sign, a menu board and an out-of-home advertising platform give our brand visual identity. Over 75% of the people who come across digital signage remember the brand and the content for the next month at least. Getting your own brand identity up there with original content carves out a dedicated following that no competitor can breach.

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SEO Search form July 31, 2017 9:27 am

How Switching WordPress Theme Can Impact SEO, and Ways to Avoid It

A common behavior among users of free WordPress themes is the tendency of switching WordPress Theme – a lot. This should come as no surprise because there are several options to choose from. However, the downside is the impact such changes can have on your SEO or web traffic.

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6 key wordpress plugins July 17, 2017 7:58 am

6 Key WordPress Plugins that Web Designers Prefer

Technical experts or professionals associated with the world of information and technology are aware that WordPress happily supports templates and plugins. That is why they consider it as one of the most flexible and customizable CMSs that suits best for web designing needs.

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WordPress tutorials June 13, 2017 9:52 am

20 Essential WordPress Tutorials for the Rookies

Every ‘star’ WordPress blogger started out as a complete novice, and seeing as they are now ‘stars’, they were clearly able to get to the top. It might not happen overnight but with the right tools and practices, you can get to WordPress heaven (if there’s such a thing) soon enough. I have compiled a list of 20 WordPress tutorials to help you on your celestial journey.

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WooCommerce Product Variations Plugins

Firstly, what’s a variable product? A variable product has multiple attributes that customers can select from such as a shoe product displayed with size, material and color attributes. A customer can then use the displayed attributes to pick the best product to match their tastes. Learn about WooCommerce product variations plugins in this article.

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Safe WordPress site May 13, 2017 8:42 am

How safe is your WordPress site?

What is most likely to render your WordPress site vulnerable? The one thing that is most likely to render your WordPress site vulnerable is it’s being outdated. Outdated versions of WordPress, themes, and plugins make a site more vulnerable than you can imagine. Especially to malware attacks.

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Angry coder April 28, 2017 11:16 am

6 Plugins Guaranteed to Speed up Your Slow WordPress Site

Website speed is a big deal. By now you know that it could hurt your business significantly if your website has a slow loading page or generally poor visual performance. We have previously published a guide on website speed. Today, we are going to follow on from that by providing you with some of the best plugins you can use right now, in 2017, to instantly speed up your WordPress site.

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car rental wordpress themes April 24, 2017 3:01 pm

Top 10 WordPress Themes For Your Car Rental Business

WordPress can be used to develop websites that are used for any kind of business. A WordPress website involves the usage of a number of themes and plug-ins in it. The car rental WordPress themes and plug-ins are used as per the requirement of the site. While developing a site for a business purpose, one should use the correct themes for the site. The themes should be relevant to the site contents.

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maintenance tips wordpress website April 18, 2017 9:23 am

5 Maintenance Tips to Keep Your WordPress Website in Perfect Shape

As you probably already know, WordPress (WP) is the biggest single CMS (content management system) out there with over 27 percent of the internet running via it. The main reason behind this is its beginner-friendly curve and the ability of bloggers and business owners worldwide to deal with technical issues of their websites without having to hire designers or learn how to code.

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Improve page load speed March 20, 2017 10:40 am

How to Optimize Your WordPress Website’s User Experience?

Want to boost up WordPress website? When it comes to increasing page views, enhance UX (User Experience), and make your site SEO friendly, fast loading speed matters most. In this guide, we are going to share the most useful tips to improve user experience in your WordPress site and speed it up. Follow us to optimize WordPress websites.

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Content protection WordPress plugins March 10, 2017 4:17 pm

Content Protection WordPress Plugins You Should Try Out

Content theft happens more often than any of us are comfortable with. So you are running a successful blog, writing original and amazing content, and adding some quality multimedia to it. The sad truth is that there are people out there who are bound to constantly rip off your content, showcase it as their own, and give you no attribution for all the hard work that you have done. So how do you protect yourself from this? If you are using WordPress, then here is a list of content protection WordPress plugins you should try out, that are made to protect your content from theft.

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Email Marketing WordPress Plugins January 30, 2017 9:32 am

10 Best Email Marketing WordPress Plugins

While email marketing is one of the most convenient ways of growing business, there are lots of things you need to mull over while expanding your email list. After launching your WordPress website, ensure that you install appropriate email marketing WordPress plugins with the ultimate goal of generating quality leads and a higher conversion rate for your business.

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WordPress beginner mistakes January 11, 2017 12:34 pm

5 Mistakes That a WordPress Beginner Should Avoid

It may certainly be exciting to build a whole website using WordPress, but what if you don’t know certain things that could mar all your efforts? To avoid such mistakes, perhaps you should be aware of what they could be. Avoidance of WordPress beginner mistakes can save you time while building the site and keep you from being unduly aggravated.

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Review WordPress themes and plugins November 17, 2016 2:49 pm

Latest WordPress Review Themes And Plugins

Installing advanced WordPress review themes and plugins, you can build up an advanced and advantageous review site that will help you get an impressive online presence among competitors.

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fwrd wordpress music theme October 21, 2016 8:22 am

7 Music WordPress Themes For Artists, Musicians And Bands

If you are a music lover, selecting the WordPress platform for your website will be a wise solution with never-ending benefits that you will get. Musicians might have thought of running a website to give themselves a web presence, but they never heard of using music WordPress themes to get commercial over the internet. It is not just that you are getting a website, but you are getting a platform to express your skills to the people around you.

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socially viral theme September 17, 2016 9:48 am

4 Top Responsive Multipurpose HTML5 WordPress Themes For Your Next Project

HTML5 is one of the greatest things to have ever happened to the world of web design as a whole. Its advent made it easier for web designers to be able to scale up their websites and bring websites to production faster than they could have done it before. For the uninitiated, HTML5 is a markup language that is used in the structure and presentation of web content on the internet. The driving force behind the creation of HTML5 was to enable native support for the latest multimedia.

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Usability testing of WordPress website September 7, 2016 11:53 am

Usability Testing of WordPress Website: Significant Things to Know

Even if your WordPress website looks amazing, you still need to consider how your theme and design will affect the experience of your users from the viewpoint of usability. However, it doesn’t matter how impressive your website seems if no one is using your service or products, you really need to work on website usability. So, how can you figure out what strategy will work for you?

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WordPress SEO tips July 18, 2016 3:12 pm

A Brief Guide to WordPress SEO

Your website is the most precious asset online irrespective of what it is all about. It is only through your website, you are successful in attracting visitors and demonstrating to them the products and services that you are offering to them, and arousing their interest and desire in ultimately purchasing your product or service, read all your blog posts, or get a subscription. All these tasks and actions seem to be critical for the success of any website.

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Practical SEO tips April 28, 2016 8:04 am

10 Practical WordPress SEO Tips

Whether you are creating a brand new blog or you are a seasoned writer, WordPress offers one of the most versatile CMS (content management systems). It makes it easy to set up a good-looking, fully hosted blog using one of the many WordPress themes. Alternatively, you can code your own website from scratch. However, most people fail tremendously when it comes to SEO. With these WordPress SEO tips, your site can achieve better results.

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WordPress lab March 8, 2016 10:18 am

A Simple Guide to Proliferate WordPress Website Speed

Imagine you are shopping a watch for your father’s birthday and the website is taking a lot of time to load. Isn’t it will be annoying? 40% of the viewers abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Every millisecond makes a difference! WordPress website speed is one of the hard facts which can make or break a website. Every website or service should maintain the speed and WordPress is no exception.

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protect WordPress from hackers January 5, 2016 2:54 pm

What you shouldn’t do to Protect your Website from Hackers?

You cannot deny the fact that WordPress is one of the best and popular platforms to build websites today. However, the popularity of WordPress has also made it quite vulnerable to hacking bad spamming threats. In fact, around 30% of WP websites are attempted to be hacked every day.

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bug November 20, 2015 2:43 pm

Fix “Notice: The called constructor method for WP_Widget is deprecated” error

If you see this error on your WordPress site when debug mode is enabled in WordPress configuration, this means that one or more of your plugins needs an update.

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