Usability Testing of WordPress Website: Significant Things to Know

September 7, 2016 11:53 am

Even if your WordPress website looks amazing, you still need to consider how your theme and design will affect the experience of your users from the viewpoint of usability. However, it doesn’t matter how impressive your website seems if no one is using your service or products, you really need to work on website usability. So, how can you figure out what strategy will work for you?

Usability testing of WordPress website

There is a large number of testing tools available that provide you with precise information for Usability Testing of your WordPress website. The article uncovers the main fundamentals of usability testing.

All the below-mentioned fundamentals will help you determine the significant factors that impact user experience.

Ease of Learning

Visitors must be able to learn the ins and outs of any WordPress website quickly. That’s to say, what a particular button does? If it requires users to Sign Up or Log In to use critical functions on your page, are these options easily accessed? Let’s see a simple case. You are working on the design of a WordPress website that includes scheduling and booking features for specific events, and you ask users to Sign Up to make their bookings. Whether they have problems identifying what they expect to do at each step, and whether it is clear to them when they’ve finished the whole process.

In this case, a potential user would have to Sign Up, Login, look for the booking section, choose the date, book it, and pay. Design affects the manner in which visitors interact with your site. It is not easy to test all these factors, but one thing remains the same at any parameter– if your WordPress website has an abrupt learning curve, you may scare visitors away.

A Compass on a Blue Background

A visitor doesn’t need a map and compass in order to find the information they are looking for. Let’s take an example of the “Elegant Themes Blog”. Self-promotion and coupons aside, the blog provides an excellent example of an intuitive navigational layout. Moreover, all of the website’s main sections are properly labeled and placed on a top bar with a prominent call to action.

The titles of each post are highlighted, so users understand exactly where to click. On the right side, you can find clearly defined categories that provide in-depth searches. Besides, a search bar that clearly describes its function and good-looking social media buttons with labels. However, simplicity is important when it comes to usability. In short, if the users are unable to find what they are looking for, they are likely to get frustrated and leave the website instantly.

Attention Levels

When it comes to attention levels, you really need to focus on which part of your website grabs the attention of your visitors the most. These types of analysis can get pretty subjective. For instance, if you are using eye-tracking in order to determine whether a specific area of your WordPress website is underperforming while comparing to the rest, you’re still not unable to find out that why it’s not doing well, and whether that matches with your prospects. So, this data is helpful when you are determining what particular areas attract more attention of the users, and whether it suits the most significant functionalities of your website.

All the above-mentioned fundamentals play a vital role when it comes to usability, which however indicates the testing process itself. You should always go with the creative WordPress development company to ensure that you get the best website for your business or services. With a reliable organization, you can be assured that you are getting the best web design and development.

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