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Carousel Settings from the Hot Golf Theme

This tutorial explains how to setup the Hot Full Carousel plugin and widget for the Hot Gold theme and make it look as on our demo.

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WordPress Child Theme

In the terminology of content management systems, child theme is a helper theme that depends of the parent theme and allows its modifications. On the other hand, it doesn’t modify the code of the parent theme explicitly. Deletion of the WordPress child theme would simply restore the features of the parent theme. This tutorial will explain why usage of child themes is important and how to create a child theme from any parent theme.

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How to Embed Videos in WordPress

Learn how to embed videos in WordPress. Newer WordPress versions allowed embedding of video files much easier. Simplicity of embedding videos into WordPress posts and pages are comparable with simplicity of adding images. It’s especially true if your video is hosted on one of popular video hosting sites, such as Youtube or Vimeo.

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Fix “Notice: The called constructor method for WP_Widget is deprecated” error

If you see this error on your WordPress site when debug mode is enabled in WordPress configuration, this means that one or more of your plugins need update.

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All Themes Compatible With WordPress 4.1

Today, we finished checking of all our WordPress themes and plugins against the latest version of WordPress. It took a bit longer than usually because this version was released during Christmas holidays.

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WordPress 3.9 Compatibility Issues

WordPress 3.9 has been released, so we started to test all our products against it. We concluded that almost all products are compatible with the latest WordPress version. Only two themes need some modifications before (or after) upgrade of WordPress: Hot Responsive and Hot Responsive Portfolio.

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Author avatar Milos started architecture portal in 2000. Four years later, he started to learn about CMS and decided to use it for his own site. As he was receiving many job proposals for CMS websites, he became a full-time web designer. After over 400 CMS websites developed, in 2009, he decided to start a new website specialized for design and development of premium themes. Milos is mSC of Architecture Engineering. Beside design skills he learned on the faculty, he's experienced in HTML/CSS, PHP and JavaScript.