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WordPress Security Scan –

Running a WordPress website is a nice and enjoyable thing, but it could also be a headache if your website got hacked. The most important thing to protect yourself is to have the latest version of WordPress core installed as well as the latest versions of all themes and plugins.

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100% compatible WordPress and Joomla! hosting

The selection of a web hosting provider for your website is important, especially if you have traffic-heavy websites. Or if you hope that your website will grow into a traffic-heavy website. All serious webmasters have such desire.

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Publish WordPress Widget On Certain Pages Only

When you install a WordPress plugin and create a widget, it would be published on all pages of your website. Have you ever wondered how to publish some WordPress widgets on certain pages only? WordPress core does not allow users to select pages where a widget would be published. Instead, it publishes it on all the pages.

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We Are About To Start Our WordPress Venture

After two years in business with Joomla templates, we are starting a new portal. will start making themes and plugins for the most popular CMS today – WordPress!

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About Milos Stankovic

Author avatar Milos started architecture portal in 2000. Four years later, he started to learn about CMS and decided to use it for his own site. As he was receiving many job proposals for CMS websites, he became a full-time web designer. After over 400 CMS websites developed, in 2009, he decided to start a new website specialized for design and development of premium themes. Milos is mSC of Architecture Engineering. Beside design skills he learned on the faculty, he's experienced in HTML/CSS, PHP and JavaScript.