WordPress 3.9 Compatibility Issues

April 19, 2014 4:17 pm

WordPress 3.9 has been released, so we started to test all our products against it. We concluded that almost all products are compatible with the latest WordPress version. Only two themes need some modifications before (or after) upgrade of WordPress: Hot Responsive and Hot Responsive Portfolio.

We have successfully fixed the bugs in these 2 themes, so you can use them safely with WordPress 3.9. If you are downloading any of these themes now, you don’t have to worry, as we already uploaded the correct files. If you are already using Hot Responsive or Hot Responsive Portfolio as your WordPress theme, please change header.php file of your theme with files that you can download from here (unzip first):

  • For Hot Responsive theme
  • For Hot Responsive Portfolio theme

After download, you should unzip the archive and upload to folder /wp-content/themes/wp_hot_responsive or /wp-content/themes/wp_hot_responsive_portfolio

All other WordPress themes and WordPress plugins are working fine after upgrade to WordPress 3.9, so you are safe to upgrade. However, as always, it’s strongly recommended to make a backup of your files and database before upgrade.