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SEO Vs. SEM: How Do They Work Together For Digital Success?

While looking for ways to get the best results for your business, there would have been a time when you would have encountered SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing). Often, people evaluate the two to get better results for their business.

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SEO checklist 2021

The Only Checklist You Need To Follow For WordPress SEO In 2021

If you’re searching for an SEO checklist to make you better your site’s organic traffic and Google ranking, you’ve come to the right place. To help you achieve SEO success in 2021, we’ve put together the best checklist.

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Dentistry office

Importance Of Building A Robust Dental SEO Practice

It is not enough to set up a dental practice in the prime location and expect you will have a lot of patients. You will need to reach out to more and more people, especially local people, by making the best use of digital marketing platforms. For this, you will need to focus on SEO, and that too specialized dental SEO practices.

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How can a VPN enhance your webmaster and SEO experience?

A VPN can be useful in a wide range of circumstances. It can help to keep you safe online, be used to overcome geo-restrictions and allows you to browse the web anonymously. However, did you know you could use a VPN to enhance your webmaster and SEO experience?

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How to use Customer Relationship Management System for SEO

Considering the rapidly changing global business environment, CRM, or Customer relationship management is regarded as a crucial component of business management. From identifying new leads and prospects to building relationships, analyzing the data, and acquiring and retaining all comes under the broad-spectrum approach of CRM.

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Exploring Some of the Most Popular SEO Friendly WordPress Themes for 2019 and Beyond

SEO-friendly WordPress themes could be a fantastic asset to your unique blog. You know that currently, grabbing a perfect spot in Google could be the key to the success and sustenance of a website. You need to not only implement effectively some powerful SEO practices but also have an SEO-friendly theme. What do you understand by an SEO-friendly theme? First of all, it must make things easier for you to incorporate keywords that accurately represent your niche, have optimized pictures, well-organized code, and impressive loading speed.

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seo person

How the Yoast WordPress Plugin Can Elevate Your Web Design and Management Efforts

Whether you’re managing a WordPress site for your own company or a client’s, optimizing it for the search engines is a crucial way to grow the business. Increase brand recognition and establish the company as an online authority. Today, WordPress users have over 100 SEO plugins from which to choose. Though all are designed to improve a self-hosted site’s searchability, Yoast SEO is at the top of the list. This free, fully-featured SEO plugin automates and optimizes almost every aspect of a website, and it’s premium extensions add even more functionality. Read on to learn more about the Yoast plugin and what it can do for your web design efforts.

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Business website management

How WordPress Can Make Your Business Website Easier to Manage

For most businesses, creating a website is usually part of the package. In this digital age, it’s important as it gives you home online as well as a base where people can find you. Most websites contain valuable information about who your company is and what services they offer. There is also a range of other details that you can include to engage customers and keep them interested and updated. Having said that, if you haven’t yet created a website for your company or are thinking of starting over, here’s how WordPress can make your site easier to manage.

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How To Get Your Website Working For You

How To Get Your Website Working For You

If you’re the main contributor to your website or blog, then you have to engage with your content; it needs to interest you. You want others to enjoy it, so it makes sense to ensure that it maintains your interest before getting properly started. If you’re unsure as to what others think of your material, then ask them. Conduct polls and ask visitors to leave feedback. Consider what users stand to gain from visiting your site, and how you’re going to use the data you collect to impact your website positively.

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Hentry errors

Hentry Errors In Google Search Console For WordPress Website

Do you often work on Google Search Console? Have you ever notice the option Structured Data in Search Appearance? There is one more option in Structured Data. It is “hentry (markup: microformats.org)”. This section shows the list of errors associated with the hentry data structure.

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Google AMP WordPress

Google AMP For Your WordPress Website

Raise your hands if you want a fast loading website for mobile devices. It is obvious that everyone needs a website that is quick in loading. This not only gives you a chance to interact perfectly with your audience but also leaves a positive impression on them. We all know about the Google announcement for page speed.

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WordPress content marketing

Build Website to Bolster WordPress Content Marketing Efforts

The success of any business largely depends on marketing and with the evolving technologies, digital marketing is majorly grasping the market today. There are different types of WordPress content marketing methods, but none can beat the innovative and effective methods of digital marketing. There are different ways in which digital marketing through websites can influence your business, and at the same time, the overall procedure is very cost-effective too.

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SEO Search form

How Switching WordPress Theme Can Impact SEO, and Ways to Avoid It

A common behavior among users of free WordPress themes is the tendency of switching WordPress Theme – a lot. This should come as no surprise because there are several options to choose from. However, the downside is the impact such changes can have on your SEO or web traffic.

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WordPress SEO tips

A Brief Guide to WordPress SEO

Your website is the most precious asset online irrespective of what it is all about. It is only through your website, you are successful in attracting visitors and demonstrating to them the products and services that you are offering to them, and arousing their interest and desire in ultimately purchasing your product or service, read all your blog posts, or get a subscription. All these tasks and actions seem to be critical for the success of any website.

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Practical SEO tips

10 Practical WordPress SEO Tips

Whether you are creating a brand new blog or you are a seasoned writer, WordPress offers one of the most versatile CMS (content management systems). It makes it easy to set up a good-looking, fully hosted blog using one of the many WordPress themes. Alternatively, you can code your own website from scratch. However, most people fail tremendously when it comes to SEO. With these WordPress SEO tips, your site can achieve better results.

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WordPress lab

A Simple Guide to Proliferate WordPress Website Speed

Imagine you are shopping a watch for your father’s birthday and the website is taking a lot of time to load. Isn’t it will be annoying? 40% of the viewers abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Every millisecond makes a difference! WordPress website speed is one of the hard facts which can make or break a website. Every website or service should maintain the speed and WordPress is no exception.

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