How To Get Your Website Working For You

July 9, 2018 3:10 pm

If you’re the main contributor to your website or blog, then you have to engage with your content; it needs to interest you. You want others to enjoy it, so it makes sense to ensure that it maintains your interest before getting properly started. If you’re unsure as to what others think of your material, then ask them. Conduct polls and ask visitors to leave feedback. Consider what users stand to gain from visiting your site, and how you’re going to use the data you collect to impact your website positively.

How To Get Your Website Working For You

Ensure that you have different touch points and a straightforward contact page, as you want to be as open as possible and encourage feedback and constructive criticism. Below are three further ways to get your website working for you, boosting your traffic, and keeping your visitors interested.

Link Building

Effective SEO is continuously changing and reinventing itself. It means that marketing and advertising can come and go by way of trend, and is very much dependent on the latest updates. What’s working for you one year can be considered outdated the next, so it’s extremely crucial to stay up-to-date, not to grow complacent, and to be always on the lookout for new ways to boost your SEO and increase traffic to your website. You need to implement high-quality campaigns that work and hit your targets. One SEO technique is link building, which involves acquiring hyperlinks from websites that aren’t your own and then using this as a way to navigate between pages and establish a relationship between yours and other relevant content. If you’re somewhat in the dark about how to go forward with link building and how it can be an effective method to improve your website’s ranking, contact a professional at Click Intelligence to find out more.

Use Video

Video negates the need for reading long reams and text, and it’s far more interactive than just words upon a screen. However, your video material needs to be stimulating, funny, informative, and helpful. For the best results, your video content should give users something that other sites cannot. Share the videos you create across all of your social media pages and platforms and don’t forget to share videos on LinkedIn. If you use your website to sell a product, then consider using customers testimonials, product walkthroughs, and how-to videos that explain how to use your service, and what your potential customers stand to gain by using it.

Please The Crowd

Consider using Google diagnostics to find out who’s regularly interacting with your content. Once you have a reliable idea of who the individuals that make up your demographic are, you can then set about trying to further appeal to them. By doing this, you should also find ways to cast your net a little wider and secure new users. You need to tailor your message to them, and what they’ve enjoyed before, so you need to be direct and straightforward with what you’re trying to illustrate, as well as to use customer testimonials to communicate your worth as a brand and build a relationship with those around. Ideally, your copy should be short and engaging, however, it can be wordy as long as it tells a story and communicates clearly.