Should You Use a Monochromatic Colour Scheme for Your Website?

March 1, 2018 9:35 am

A monochromatic color scheme is based entirely on a single color tint, using only different shades of the same hue. The resulting variations are achieved by adjusting the brightness and saturation of the base color.

Monochromatic Colour Scheme

The use of a monochromatic color scheme for web design is not new and may in fact be perfect for your site. Why a monochromatic color scheme might be perfect for you

1. It’s easy on the eyes

There are many examples of websites with monochromatic designs that can prove just how pleasing one can be to the eyes. With fewer colors on a webpage – as opposed to having competing colors – it will be easier to look at. Using just one color can convey peace and simplicity, especially if those are properties that resonate with your brand.

2. It makes the design less challenging

Having to work with multiple colors can prove to be a challenge, as they need to be used in the right combinations. Taking the monochromatic route makes your job easier because you only have to work with a single color, adding black and white at different intensities in order to achieve visually appealing variations.

If you never look forward to working with multiple colors (or aren’t sure how to avoid making different colors clash), creating a monochromatic palette is a safe option.

3. Your site becomes more memorable

Using a monochromatic color scheme makes your website easy to remember, especially when using a color that’s widely associated with the product or service you’re trying to promote on your site.

Making your site more memorable might be a particular concern if you’ve bought a not-so-memorable URL from your Domain Names registrar. Using fewer colors helps provide a clearer direction for visitors’ eyes and makes your site lighter to read – both of which contribute to the memorability of the site.


4. You can be sure that colours will never clash

The last thing you want is for the colors on your website to clash, so that they negatively affect readability or make your site look unappealing to the eyes. Opting for a single base color ensures you’ll never have to deal with clashing colors or color combinations that just don’t work.

Also, you won’t have to go to the trouble of trying to choose the appropriate text color to enhance readability. You’ll be limited to choosing either white, black, or even a lighter or darker shade of your chosen base color.

5. Perfect for minimal design

If you’re looking to achieve a minimal design for your website, then you’d best choose the monochromatic route. You’ll find the simplicity of the palette will make your minimal design work perfectly.

You won’t have to deal with any competing or contrasting between different colors. Meanwhile, the peacefulness of the color scheme also contributes towards ensuring you achieve the pleasant minimal design that you’re looking for.

6. Achieving emphasis becomes easier

When you use a monochromatic color scheme, it becomes easier to emphasize the most important elements of your web pages. You can use the monochromatic palette for the basic site design and then utilize a contrasting color to make certain crucial elements stand out, whether that’s a ‘Subscribe’ button or an RSS icon. Finding the perfect contrast for your important elements won’t be difficult either since you are using a single base color.

7. Helps you achieve elegance

If you’re looking to create an elegant-looking website, using different variations of a single base color can be a superb way to do so. The monochromatic palette naturally lends itself to an elegant design. Depending on the color you choose and how you combine the different variations, you can achieve a modern elegant look or a more classic elegant look.

8. It becomes easier to emphasise the content

What happens when you visit a website with bright colors and flashy elements? There’s a high chance your eyes will be drawn to those before they turn to the content. While this might work for some websites, it’s not going to work for one where the main focus is the content or text.

If you want your visitors to be drawn to the content of your page the minute they land on your website, you can draw attention to the text by using a monochromatic color scheme, thereby minimizing distractions.

Your site users will also be able to finish reading your posts without any interruptions, allowing them to appreciate your site for its true value. Remember, the design is only a tool, not the entirety of your website.

Why you might not want to stick with a monochromatic colour scheme

Although a monochromatic color scheme can be fantastic, it’s not always the best option. Your decision will ultimately depend on factors such as the purpose of your site and what you intend to achieve with it. So, before choosing a monochromatic design, consider the following questions:

Are you content with less visual interest in design?

Due to the lack of contrast and variety, your website will feature less variation and the design will be less visually interesting. It’s possible for you to end up with a fairly boring design, even if you were aiming for a minimalist one. It’s subsequently easier to fall into that trap if you don’t have much experience working with monochromatic palettes.

Do you get frustrated when you have fewer options to work with?

If you’re the type of person who’s unable to work effectively when there aren’t enough options to play with, you might want to stick with a multi-color palette to avoid becoming frustrated. Even if you start with a monochromatic color scheme, don’t hesitate to add color if you feel it’s best to do so.