6 Sources of Piping Hot WordPress Blog Topics

October 25, 2017 11:09 am

You just launched your WordPress blog, you are excited and about to write your very first post. You open MS Word (or the WP page – whichever you prefer) and start.

Hot WordPress Blog Topics

An hour later, it is still cricket sounds and a blank page. You have no idea what to write about…you are stuck!

Don’t worry, every good blogger, novice and experienced has had their fair share of writer’s block, and still do. However, it is not an incurable thing. Once you surround yourself with the right tools, you will probably never have to stare at another blank page for hours again.

In this post, we will list some amazing sources of relevant news or hot WordPress blog topics to write about. It is about being in the right place at the right time. Once you get the hang of it, add your creativity, blend with a bit banter, and your blog post is good to go.

1. Hashtags

Social media is a one-stop-shop for breaking news and real-time events. From Twitter to Facebook, Instagram and other networks, hashtags are used to highlight topics of interest happening at that moment. If you feel up for a good opinion post, log on to Twitter and check it out.

For instance, if the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is going on, and you are unable to attend, chances are it would be trending on Twitter or Facebook. Simply log on and curate some of the electronics being featured, and write about it. You can even have a topic titled “What CES attendees are saying,” and post some embedded tweets on your blog.

2. Quora

This is one of my personal favorites. Quora is not just some question and answer site, it a place to connect with subject experts. Sometimes, the questions people ask can make a good topic for your blog. What’s more, the questions are usually answered by the direct experts themselves; so, you have an “issue” and a “resolution”.

Obviously, you don’t have to present the answers verbatim as have been answered. Instead, add your own train of thought. What do you think? Infuse your voice, then include the expert’s ideas and let the people decide. You can sign up to follow topics in your interest areas. It is always a good source.

3. Keyword Search

This shouldn’t come as a surprise. The keyword search is not for SEO purposes alone. Knowing what people are looking for on search engines can be a smart way to craft content for your WordPress blog. Whenever Apple launches the latest version of the iPhone, searches in that category skyrocket. It is usually a good time to write feature articles on the iPhone.

No doubt, other blogs would be doing the same, so it is strategic to consider a “left-field” approach for your post. Write something way out of the box and attention-grabbing. A magnetic headline helps too. Another advantage of this is since you are using keywords, your post is likely to rank high on Google search.

4. The comments section


Few people have an idea what a gold mine the comments section is. You can build a whole profile of your customers or blog audience from the comments they post on your site. Whether you run a food blog or are a mobile app developer, your audiences are saying something you could develop into an informative blog post.

This has a huge potential to do well in numbers because they are already talking about it. Seeing it addressed as a full blog post will naturally pique their attention. Sometimes, even your competitor’s customer complaints present an opportunity to write a post about it and win them over.

5. Google Trends

Don’t be quick to write off Google Trends simply because of [ahem] Google +. It is a great tool for studying search interests on Google. For those who aren’t familiar with it, Trends offers amazing insights on hot WordPress blog topics people are interested in. It does this based on analytics from the Google search engine.

When Britain voted to leave the EU, the trending topic at the time was Brexit. It dominated the news for the whole week, sparking uncertainty about the future. With Google Trends, you can blog about what people want to read, and when. Timing is always essential.

6. Online Forums

The internet is one big universe, and within that universe are communities of people with various interests. There a dog people, fitness buffs, health & wellness groups, even biker gangs. Online forums are where these communities come together and share interests.

If you blog about tech, or politics or marketing, join two or three online forums dedicated to these topics and find out what people are talking about. Most times, these forums are an insight into pain-points that need to be addressed in your niche.

With these sources, your WordPress blog should never be stuck for ideas. If you have that creative knack, spinning an interesting yarn from a series of hot WordPress blog topics should come easy.

Google Trends is a good place to start. Are you ready?