WordPress Is The King Of Restaurant Digital Signage

August 19, 2017 7:59 am

Designing your restaurant sign, a menu board and an out-of-home advertising platform give our brand visual identity. Over 75% of the people who come across digital signage remember the brand and the content for the next month at least. Getting your own brand identity up there with original content carves out a dedicated following that no competitor can breach.

Wordpress restaurant digital signage

If you are about to design your digital menu board or restaurant sign, you should primarily focus on your brand colors, fonts, and overall readability. Through the structure, color and other design elements you can make sure that your followers can always find you wherever you are.

How to pick a template for WordPress restaurant digital signage?

Since you can source content directly from your website, WordPress sites are pretty common sources of digital signage content. Restaurant signs are simple; therefore, only parts of your regular website are necessary for your digital signage content. There are hundreds of advanced WordPress plugins and design templates, which are ideal for digital signs. In case, you do not know which ones to pick for your next big project. Check out the ones, which have the following features.

1. Great structure for content

Anyone can create content. Nevertheless, only those with an active template structure can create structured content. You need to use columns, rows, and categories to distribute your content across multiple screens. Columns and rows to structure content is an old concept, but it holds true for all kinds of digital signage. Any WordPress template that offers flexible rows, columns, categories, and subcategories are ideal for digital signage management.

2. Distinct hierarchy of text

This applies to any text heavy content. Be it a blog, a review article or a simple digital signage content. You need to place the most critical of the message on top, preferably in bold. WordPress as a blog or a website template is perfect for this. Their templates have clear heading styles for each level of information. The order is quite straightforward and universal – the category headings should be the largest, sub categories or items should be the second most significant and the description of the items should be third largest.

3. Layer with images

Using images creates a stimulating effect on the screen. Be sure to use images that are necessary. Unnecessarily putting cute puppy pictures or irrelevant baby images will not do you any good if you are thinking about optimizing your restaurant sign. You can rather use info graphics about nutrient content in food, the brand logos of the cooking ingredients you use, a picture of fresh ingredients and similar images to pique the interest of your patrons. While some menus do look great without any images at all, you may want to include just a few if you cater to kids or early teens.

4. Forget harsh contrast

Harsh contrast is not pleasant on digital signs. Especially if you are looking towards creating your WordPress restaurant digital signage, forget high saturation. Pick sober colors for images, backgrounds, and texts. Saturated color combinations irritate onlookers, and you do not want to turn people away from your doorstep. Your sign should be sensible in every aspect. It should usher eaters in, rather than freak them out.

5. Maintain a brand image

Your menu board should convey every bit of brand value your brand holds. Pick the colors carefully to complement your brand colors. Proofread your message before you publish your content. Incorrect content can do away with your brand credibility very easily. Choose elements from your business website including the latest logo designs, exact fonts, and testimonial content. Selecting a WordPress template ensures that you can display all these and more without slowing the presentation/video down.

6. Give your content room to breath

With WordPress, this comes as a given. Almost all WordPress templates smartly use white space to create a sense of neatness. Distribution of content according to the importance and hierarchy is quite common too. WordPress adds a sense of uncluttered organization to the content of your digital signboard. Be it a menu board or an outdoor restaurant signage; you can pick any WordPress template and enjoy the uncluttered feel that comes with it.

7. Landscape or portrait: that is the question

Over the years, we have seen some brands come and go with their demands for alternating landscape and digital portrait screens. While you cannot change the dimension of the screen you hire or buy, you can work on the dimensions of the template. WordPress templates include clear specifications of their dimension. Choosing the right dimension of template for your site can change your display game altogether. You can forget about endless nights of Photoshop and Illustrator if you can find a template for WordPress sites that satisfy your requirements.

While designing any signage, you must perfectly balance your visual elements. Do not use a lot of images and videos without giving any weight to text content. While images are perfect for attracting attention, the text is necessary to hold the attention. Creating a visual balance on the screen will help you entice your customers. Generating a proper flow of content will enable you to make the buying decision for the client (without him or her knowing it).

Digital signage is a new era of advertising and marketing. This is the genesis of a revolution for most restaurant businesses who are looking for a lucky break in the next few weeks. Yes! That is how long it takes for the digital signage generated revenue to kick in. Just hire a digital LED screen, get your WordPress site and content in place, hook it up in your restaurant and enjoy the higher ROIs.