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VPS Hosting

A Step-by-Step Guide to Deploying WordPress on a VPS

In today’s digital era, having a website powered by WordPress has become a popular choice for individuals and businesses alike. While shared hosting can be a convenient option, deploying WordPress on a Virtual Private Server (VPS) offers enhanced control, scalability, and performance. In this guide, we will walk you through the process of deploying WordPress on a VPS, empowering you to harness the full potential of this powerful content management system.

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Should I get privacy protection for my domain?

Your online journey begins with buying a domain name for your website. But it is just the starting point. You will have to consider a lot of other factors for protecting your website and its data from getting into the wrong hands.

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Install WordPress on CentOS 7

5 Easy Steps To Install WordPress On CentOS 7

In this tutorial, we will show the process to install WordPress on CentOS 7. The world’s most popular content management system running PHP and MYSQL databases. So that we can design and launch all kinds of WordPress sites and blogs with it.

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VPS hosting

When you should change your shared hosting to VPS Hosting

There are so many different types of web hosting. It will get a little confusing and overwhelming to understand all these types. We are here to help you choose a hosting according to your requirements and needs.

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InterServer cPanel

How I Moved My Site to InterServer Hosting

As an owner of multiple websites and also in charge of web hosting and maintenance of several clients’ websites, I am in a constant chase for a better web hosting provider. Accessibility and responsiveness of my websites are the top priority. However, price is also an important factor.

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Does Web Hosting Affect SEO?

Does Web Hosting Affect SEO?

Web owners go to great lengths to make sure their websites rank well on search engine result pages (SERP). They write informative content, research high-traffic keywords, and craft beautiful web design.

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How to Reduce DNS Lookups to Speed Up Your WordPress Site

The speed and performance of your WordPress site can have a huge impact on how successful you are. Slow loading times reduce conversions and if your site takes even a few seconds too long to load, some people may ignore it entirely. A fast-loading and snappy site has a much higher chance of becoming profitable or popular.

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Server room

Optimizing Your WordPress in 4 Simple Steps

Optimizing your WordPress site should be one of your top priorities if you are planning to use it as a marketing tool, either for yourself or your business. This means ensuring that it is quick and easy to use for all those that access that, that it is engaging for all that may stumble across it, and that it resonates with your target audience. In order to optimize your site, you’re going to have to take the four simple steps laid out below.

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5 Responsive WordPress Themes With Superb Customization Options

WordPress has become one of the best ways both businesses and individuals can harness the potential of the online world. Using such a forum where any and all walks-of-life gather has rendered endless e-commerce and marketing opportunities for businesses around the globe.

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Installation of WordPress on vDeck 1

Installation of WordPress on vDeck based hosting

In this tutorial, we will guide you on how to install a clean copy of WordPress on your FatCow, PowWeb, or iPage hosting. This tutorial might be suitable for any other hosting company whose control panel is based on vDeck and has SimpleScripts support.

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install wordpress via cpanel 1

Installation of WordPress on cPanel Hosting with Fantastico

If you decided to use the free version of WordPress open-source software for blog and website management, you would need to obtain a suitable hosting for your site. There are thousands of hosting providers nowadays, and usually, it’s possible to install WordPress on any of them.

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100% compatible WordPress and Joomla! hosting

The selection of a web hosting provider for your website is important, especially if you have traffic-heavy websites. Or if you hope that your website will grow into a traffic-heavy website. All serious webmasters have such desire.

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