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How To Prevent Your WordPress Website From SQL Injection

The WordPress CMS has become a part and parcel of the life of tech-savvy people with business aspirations. Every day, new WordPress websites are built in large numbers all across the world. With WordPress websites, entrepreneurs can easily run a web-based business with low investment and meet their goals. This article explains how to prevent WordPress SQL injection.

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WordPress Multisite Installation To Run A Network of Websites

When you launch a web-based business and operate it carefully, success comes in your way sooner or later. It helps you to make more revenues. Soon, you start to feel the need for more than one website to meet the rapidly growing demands of the existing and potential customers. A good number of individuals don’t have sufficient budget to create and manage different websites separately. This is where the WordPress Multisite network comes into the picture? What exactly is this? How it works and benefits entrepreneurs? Let’s find out.

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