Excellent Content is The Secret to Successful Social Media Marketing

November 14, 2017 8:53 am

When it comes to social media marketing, more people like to focus on fancy marketing tools, analytics tools, and other automation processes to make the process smoother. There are so many how-to guides for using these tools that in the midst of all the rising automation trends, we have forgotten the gist of any good marketing strategy.

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The key to a successful marketing strategy is high-quality content. Forbes has recently called such excellent traffic generation content as a content asset for any website and social network site. So here we are, trying to understand what falls under the category of a content asset and why do you need them.

What comprises a content asset?

From long-form articles and blogs, to carefully written how-to’s, you can call all in-depth resource your content asset. It is quite different from the pop blogs and trending articles we usually see on BuzzFeed. It has to be well researched, value-adding and an in-depth resource that provides an insight into a particular topic. We do not see these assets every day because they are expensive to produce. You need a proper research team that can dig up fresh and relevant information. You need a content team that can craft new content from the information. Respun content, no matter how long, does not count as an asset.

Why does your brand need content assets?

Above 80% of all online shoppers research their products before buying. 84% of them are currently looking for detailed product information, including descriptions, reviews, and testimonials. Right here, you might be feeling relieved because you are a B2B business and most B2C customers have this trend. Let us tell you that you could not be more wrong. Even your prospective online customers are currently looking for verifiable information on your company and products before hitting that “buy” button. The moment you start providing relevant information that your visitors want, you elevate your status from an online vendor to a site owner and influencer.

It is ideal for sharing

If you are putting in effort and money to create new content for your site, you might as well include a few share buttons for the most prominent social media platforms.

New businesses hardly have dedicated followers on social networking sites. It includes businesses on Facebook and business profiles on Instagram. However, you can definitely take your Instagram marketing to the next level with Gramista. It gives you total automation and 100% control of your users. The features include new followers and new likes for your business profile. Finding the right audience is quite difficult on a prolific app like Instagram, but having a helpful tool like this one will help you find the correct audience for your brand.

People like to share what they find interesting. Writing new and intriguing content almost every day is very important to stay in touch with your customers online. Set up a blog and post schedule. You can use many social media scheduling tools for that. A higher number of users is active on Instagram on Thursday afternoons, and people are more active on Facebook on Saturday afternoons. As a business owner, it is impossible to keep the peak times of social networking sites in mind. You can simply schedule your posts for the upcoming month on any of the tools and relax while your posts reach out to the correct audience.

Contact your social media influencers

Just having good content has never been enough. Therefore, you need a little more than good intentions and great ideas to establish your brand on social media successfully.

Find your influencer

Check out your social media influencers. You need to find someone in your niche. For example – health drinks should reach out to fitness enthusiasts who have gained the social influencer status on Instagram or Facebook. On Facebook, if a profile has over 1000 followers, it automatically becomes a brand/social influencer profile. You simply have to find someone who is likely to show interest in your product. Reaching out to fitness experts and fitness models on Instagram is not a difficult task. You can simply find one and approach them directly.

Why go to influencers?

Influencers already have dedicated followers. If your target influencer agrees to post about your products or share your post links through their profile, you can hope at least 10% of their followers will check your brand out. There is no rule about having just one influencer working on your brand. However, it is ethical to let them know that your relationship is not exclusive. You can always use different influencers on various platforms.

What’s the catch?

The trick is – you cannot pay your influencers money for their reviews. You cannot bribe them for positive reviews of your products. You cannot push them to accept your offer either. You can, of course, send free samples and goodie bags for unbiased expert opinions. That is the best way to build a strong relationship with a good social network influencer. An influencer should always give their unbiased opinions about your products; now you can always ask them to send private feedback so you can check out what they think before they can make their views public.

You should simply invest in content assets because they don’t grow old. They are timeless and precious. You can request influencers to share them. Once you have enough followers you can share them from your social media profiles, and you can use them as essential link-building materials for your business website. Attracting new traffic should be a problem simply because your business is new or small. You need to allocate your resources in the right manner before you can hope to direct more traffic from social media channels to your website.

Author Bio:

Harris is a leading blog writer and content marketing professional with thousands of real Instagram followers for his postings.