Hot Newsflash makes 3 columns: For the images, for the text blocks and for the buttons (vertical tabs). In this WordPress news plugin, it’s possible to have up to 5 tabs.

  • slide 0

The content of the tabs is entered within the widget parameters. Hot Newsflash is useful if you need a rotator of several breaking news for your home page.

The WordPress news plugin’s widget dimensions are fully configurable. So, you can define the widget’s width and height, as well as the elements (image, text, tabs) widths according to your needs. With some edits in CSS, you can convert solid color tabs into the tabs with a background image (as you can see on the Hot Architecture theme). Each slide can be linked. You assign links to the headings, images and add “read more” links. Therefore, it’s easy to use Hot Newsflash as an entry to the deeper areas of your site. In the Hot Furniture Store theme, we linked the content of the widget with the web store’s categories.

Besides these two samples, the official demonstration (unmodified) of the Hot Newsflash is also available on our plugins demo site.

WordPress News Plugin Parameters

Go to your Widgets page and drag and drop the Hot Newsflash widget into any available widget position of your theme. You can reach the WordPress news plugin parameters in Appearance > Widgets > Hot Newsflash. After setup, you will need to configure the widget, so let’s start explaining all options that plugin has.

  • Widget Width – Enter widget width here according to your needs.
  • Background Color – Select a background using the color picker.
  • Border Width/Color – If you want the widget to have a border around, set it here.
  • Number of articles – Select how many tabs will be shown (up to 5).
  • Read more links – Enable or disable “Read more” links and set text for the links.
  • Rotation speed – How many milliseconds will pass between each slide rotation.
  • Animation duration – Higher value means slower animation.
  • Heading text color and Text color – Pick a color of your preference.
  • Tabs Width – Width of the vertically ordered tabs.
  • Tabs Background Color – Pick background color for the tabs (and also mouse over tab color and active tab color).
  • Tabs font color – Pick tabs’ font color (also mouse over font color and active tab font color).
  • Tabs text in one line – Select whether to wrap tabs’ text or not.
  • Width/Height of the images – You select the images’ size here.
  • Linked Images – Decide would you like to assign a link to the images or not.

Each slide of the WordPress news plugin has several parameters. They are the same for each article, so we will describe them only once.

  • Heading of the article – Enter heading here. If you leave this empty, no heading will be shown.
  • Link to full article – Enter link for the tab here. If you leave this empty, the article won’t be linked.
  • Article info text – This is where you enter text for the articles.
  • Article image – Enter full URL for the image here. Images can be hosted on the same server where Hot Newsflash is installed or on another server.

The WordPress news plugin is powered by the popular jQuery and jQueryUI JavaScript libraries.

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