Effects Rotator

Our first commercial plugin is responsive WordPress slideshow plugin – Hot Effects Rotator. Responsive plugin that rotates images using one (or combination) of 13 transition effects. We name it like that because it rotates images and can use one (or combination) of 13 available transition effects.

  • slide 0
  • slide 1
  • slide 2

This slideshow plugin is powered by jQuery. There are plenty of options available in the widget options page. You can enable or disable control buttons (iPhone like dots and arrows). Dimensions of the widget are responsive and fit within any screen size. The images can be linked if needed and can have description text, but this is not mandatory.

WordPress Slideshow Plugin’s Features

  • Select one of 13 available transition effects, including random mode that randomize all the effects.
  • Select number of slices (for slice based effects only).
  • Control buttons (enabled or disabled) and Left/Right navigation buttons (always enabled, enabled on hover only or disabled).
  • Optional pause of slideshow on hover.
  • Optional links for each image in the rotation (link can be opened in current or in a new window).
  • Optional description text for each image in the rotation. If you don’t type description, it would not be shown.

How To Use This Plugin?

Open the plugin’s options page in Appearance > Widgets > Hot Effects Rotator. You’ll see that some default options preset there. However, you must change some of them to accommodate widget for your WordPress site. Here’s the list of all WordPress slideshow plugin options:

  • Open links in a new window – If images are linked, enable this option to open links in a new window.
  • Left/Right navigation – Enable or disable left/right navigation arrows.
  • Control buttons – Enable or disable the control buttons.
  • Animation Speed, Pause Between Slides and other settings related to the transition effects and animation. These options defines how fast or slow your slideshow will run and what effects to use.

For each image, you have 3 options:

  • Select or upload image from your WordPress media manager.
  • Optional image description text.
  • Optional link for the image.

Hot Effects Rotator Widget Settings

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