Category News

Hot Category News displays a selected number of posts from a selected category in the form of a widget. You can select a number of posts to be fetched from a category.

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From the widget parameters, you can enable or disable post titles, post dates and limit the number of words. Also, it’s possible to set post ordering or randomize the posts.

Category News Widget Parameters

Go to your Widgets page and drag and drop the Hot Category News widget into any available widget position of your theme. You can reach the WordPress news plugin parameters in Appearance > Widgets > Hot Category news. After setup, you will need to configure the widget. This is the list of the options available for this plugin:

  • Title – Widget title.
  • Category slug or ID – Enter the exact slug or ID of the category that you want to include. If you are unsure what’s your category slug or ID, please go to Posts > Categories to find it. If slug or ID is not entered correctly, the widget output will be empty.
  • Order by – If you are fetching more than one post, you can set the ordering here. There are 2 options available: Ascending and Descending.
  • How many posts to take – Here you can define a number of posts that will be fetched from the category and displayed in the widget.
  • Show title – Select whether to show the post titles or not.
  • Show date – Select whether to show the post dates or not.
  • Word limit – Here you can define how many words to fetch from each post. If your posts are long, this option can prevent breaking of the layout of your widget.
  • Show last separator – There are DIV element between two posts that you can style in file style.css. This option can prevent separator to be displayed after the last post.

This is a handy little plugin that’s used on several themes that we developed, such as the Wine WordPress theme.

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This plugin is shipped with sets of .mo and .po files that can be used to translate the theme. Also, the theme works with RTL languages.