Hot Carousel is a good tool if you need a widget for your WordPress site to show some images in a way of carousel.

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You can select how many images will be shown on each slide (one or more) of the free WordPress carousel.

Also, it’s possible to enable and disable arrow icons and control buttons that allows web site visitors to browse through the images. All images can have borders with custom color. Margins and transitions effects (jQuery) are also given as options in the widget options panel of free WordPress carousel. Make a carousel from images on your site easily with Hot Carousel!

Parameters of the Free WordPress Carousel

Drag the Hot Carousel widget to one of your widget positions. Open the widget options page in Appearance > Widgets > Hot WordPress Carousel. You’ll see that some default options already there. Now, it’s time to set some options and customize this free WordPress carousel widget for your WordPress site. Here’s the list of all available options:

  • Widget class suffix – Enter class suffix if you need to (depending of your theme).
  • Overall width of widget – Enter overall width of the widget (in pixels).
  • Overall height of widget – Enter overall height of the widget (in pixels).
  • Number of images per slide – How many images to show on each slide.
  • Width of images – Width of each image (in pixels).
  • Height of images – Height of each image (in pixels).
  • Margin between images – Margin between two neighboring images (in pixels).
  • Padding between images and border – You can enter padding if you have borders on images.
  • Images border width – Width of border line for each image (in pixels).
  • Load jQuery – You may disable this if your theme already loads jQuery to avoid conflicts.
  • Images border color – Enter color of border of all images.
  • Show pagination – Enable or disable pagination in the widget.
  • Auto-slide – Select whether to change slides automatically or only user initiated.
  • Auto-slid interval – How much time each slide will be shown (in milliseconds).
  • Transition effect – Select a transition effect (slide or fade).
  • Animation speed – Select animation speed (slow, normal or fast).
  • Direction of images – You can select scrolling in horizontal or vertical direction.
  • Transition loop – Select whether to show the first slide again after the last slide.
  • Navigation arrows vertical offset – Find perfect position for the navigation arrows (in pixels).
  • Folder where your images are stored – Enter path to the folder where your photos are stored, in example

Free WordPress carousel is powered by jQuery and jQuery Carousel 0.9.1 script by Thomas Lanciaux and Pierre Bertet.

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