The Hot Accordion is WordPress Accordion plugin that shows several slides with text and images, one above the other. It allows users to browse through the slides on mouse over or on mouse click.

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It’s an attractive way to show the most important messages and breaking news on the home page of your website.

Slides of the WordPress Accordion plugin can act as links of your choice to give the user the possibility to read more about the topic on a separate page. The images for the plugin are selected in the widget settings. You need to enter path and image names to include images. Similarly, headings, text, and links of the slides are also in the widget settings. They are organized in slots where each slot contains a heading, text and optionally a link. It is possible to have up to 10 slides per widget.

You can control the animation speed of the WordPress accordion plugin. Also, you can control all dimensions of the widget, like height and width, dimensions of the paragraph with text. You can also control the overlapping of the images and borders. Accordion plugin’s text style can be also easily changed through the widget parameters. You can control font family, font style, font size, and font weight. You can also change the color of the headings and normal text paragraphs used in the widget. Background style of the widget can be a plain color selected in parameters or background image uploaded to a folder of your WordPress site. You just need to enter the picture name in the widget settings.

Please review the images on this page. They describe the plugin options. We believe these images will give you a better idea about the WordPress Accordion plugin’s options and possibilities. Here are all the options of this plugin with explanations.

Graphic Explanations of the Accordion Plugin Options

options related to dimensions

These options are related to the dimensions of the Accordion widget.

options related to elements of the accordion

These options are related to the elements of the Accordion widget.

These options are related to the dimensions of the Accordion widget.

parameters of the accordion wordpress widget

WordPress Accordion Plugin Settings

  • Pane width – Enter the width of a pane in pixels.
  • Text paragraph width – Enter the width of the paragraph with text in pixels.
  • Text paragraph height – Enter the height of the paragraph with text in pixels.
  • Width of images – Enter the width of images in the accordion in pixels.
  • Height of images – Enter the height of images in the accordion in pixels.
  • Image border size – Enter border size of the images in pixels.
  • Image border style – Select style of the border (solid, dotted, dashed, etc.)
  • Image border color – Select a color for the border.
  • Image overlapping – Enter image overlap value in pixels.
  • The background is image or color – Select background type for the widget.
  • Background color – If you selected color, pick it here.
  • Background image – If you selected image, enter the full path to the image here, an example
  • Animation activate event – Accordion’s animation can be activated by mouse over or mouse click.
  • Animation duration – Enter duration in milliseconds.

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This plugin is shipped with sets of .mo and .po files that can be used to translate the theme. Also, the theme works with RTL languages.

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