Use the best newsletter sign-up design trends to increase the user base

October 30, 2019 9:03 am

Everything successful has a plan and strategy that succeeds! Brands are going high on newsletters today. And the success of every email newsletter is a smartly designed sign-up form.

Newsletter design trends

Simply put, an email newsletter is a potent tool or medium to communicate with your users. And this is the reason why brands are spending increased time and effort to get the correct cut that works for them. The online marketing domain is laden with challenges. Hence, it is essential to motivate the users to sign-up for newsletters. The question is, how are you getting on with this task? The secret lies in using the best newsletter designs and a smart sign-up form. There are service providers who can help you with the best newsletter templates and sign-up designs. To know more about this, you can get in touch with Designmodo HTML newsletters.

The top newsletter designs that you can opt-in for

When you have said yes to smart newsletter design, a unique concept as well as a distinctive approach, you can develop the best sign-up form. It will motivate almost every user to go through the newsletter and sign-up. Some of the methods and design formats include the following:

Use a free giveaway or complimentary prominent in the design

Your customers are continually coming across various newsletter and their respective sign-up forms as they browse online. Hence, you need to decide what is unique about your newsletter? Does your newsletter contain a code or a link using which the customers can get a discount on any product as their first purchase? Is there a free eBook that they can download? Is there a free audio file that they can listen to? If not, then you need to arrange for the same. Having an open giveaway always entices the audience and encourages them to sign-up instantly and look forward to hearing from your brand.

You might want to go minimal

Today, minimalism is also a trend with newsletter designs and sign-up form theme. And this doesn’t mean you need to keep your newsletter bare. Instead, you should opt-in for a design which makes use of the correct elements that have the right aesthetics and are also functional. It’s time to try out a minimal newsletter design template. You can choose one that makes use of limited fonts, graphics and colors. You might want to draw back your design a couple of notches to check the difference it brings to the newsletter format. It will help people to concentrate on the core aspect of the newsletter and the marketing message your brand is trying to share. 

Use a design layout that makes the form prominent

Both in design and the real estate sector, the location has an essential part to play! When you are designing a web page, make sure that you devote ample time to choose the best location for the sign-up form. Also, look at a place or spot on the website that naturally draws your attention. That way, it will fit in effortlessly with the overall design.

Enhance the design using graphics and images

You have the option to go typographical with the design! However, another useful option is to make use of an image or a graphic, for improving the design. It also brings a distinctive visual flair to the sign-up form layout. You can make use of images and graphics in several ways in the form. You can get in touch with your service provider and check the designs before you choose one.

You need to have a smart and potent CTA (Call to Action) 

The name CTA (Call to Action) refers to a text that is designed to generate some movement. It is meant to evoke interest and also encourage people to click on the same and complete the full action that the newsletter mentions. Hence, a CTA is an essential aspect of the newsletter sign-up. You must take ample time to design a smart, witty and useful CTA that will help to generate adequate attention. Also, it will motivate people to share their email ids instantly. You have to use compelling CTAs.

Leverage the visually appealing overlays

Are you making use of a pop-up window for promoting the sign-up form in the newsletter? If yes, another essential aspect to consider here is the overlays. To explain in simple terms, the overlays are when the encompassing space of a website, which is behind the pop-up gets obscured or darkened. An overlay can help in directing the focus on a pop-up and avert legibility loss based on a busier backdrop. Also, it’s the refocusing capacity on the message that people never miss it the first time they see it. Hence, it guarantees a maximum of sign-ups. If you want to increase your customer base, then you should opt-in for these tactics and enjoy the increased sign-ups.

Make use of imagery as well as text to depict your email offerings visually

Today, your customers are continually dabbling between multiple newsletters and emails. Hence, they need something visually striking and appealing to notice and then eventually sign-up for a newsletter. And here people need to know precisely what they are signing up for. So, if the template is a symbolic representation of your newsletter, chances are your audience will get more interested in it. Also, offering such visual cues gets you the correct audience. Hence, it’s a smart call to opt-in for more visual cues to communicate. You can opt-in for attractive header images, visualized reviews; highlight the typed portions and many more. But ensure that your newsletter sign up form looks authentic. At no point should you trade off with authenticity, just to attract more customers to your newsletter sign-up form. If you do that, it will eventually boomerang. 

Newsletters and their sign-up forms are potent ways to communicate with your target audience. And the sign-up form template you choose determines how well you know your customer base. The online world is competitive, and every brand is trying their best to grab more attention. Hence, you can opt-in for the ways mentioned above to get successful with your newsletter and sign-up form design.