How to Match Your Photography and Your WordPress Theme

December 6, 2018 2:36 pm

For photography bloggers, choosing what theme to use for their blog is almost as important as deciding what platform to use! There are over 3000 WordPress themes to choose from on the basic website and thousands more when you include themes downloaded from exterior sources.

WordPress themes for Photography

Themes can influence how you present your blog and even the type of content you include because different themes allow you to utilize different functions such as image placement and featured images. This can often make decisions difficult, resulting in switching back and forth between themes when your blog is already live, which can be confusing for viewers.

However, once you have chosen the right theme for your purposes, you then need to match the rest of the images and text on your site with it. This can be difficult if you already feature your own photographs, which might not match the sleekness of your new WordPress theme.

Finding a Theme

Firstly, there are many themes which are primarily for photographers, giving you the tools to frame your work in a sleek and professional website. If you want to show off your photography as a portfolio for career reasons or simply as a fun hobby, there are many themes that can showcase your work. Some of the best of these include Photocrati, which allows you to display your gallery to great effect and play with many customizable options, including element size in which you can even add links to your online store. Another amazing free photography theme is Photo Portfolio: a theme made for photographers, in which you can focus on your favorite images and allow viewers to scroll through your collections in high resolution and with directed ease.

Photography Presets

Once you have chosen your perfect theme for your portfolio, however, you may find that your images do not match your theme, being in different color schemes and generally sticking out. However, it is simple to combat this problem with online photography presets (a collection of saved editing settings) that allow you to choose the theme that best matches your WordPress website, meaning that your site will look elegant and concise. One of the best ways to do this is through Lightroom presets, which give you the tools of a professional studio in the post-editing stage. allows you to edit all of your photos at once with a single preset of your choice. You will spend less time in the post-editing stage and will be able to insert these within your blog with a couple of clicks of your mouse.

Creating a WordPress photography portfolio does not have to be difficult. Within a matter of minutes, you can create a well-designed and professional website that integrates both your web design and your photos as one clear whole. Using the software mentioned above, you will be able to match themes and presets to give your website a polished look that will draw people to your website and to the photos that you have worked so hard on.