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The Website Metrics that You’ll Want to Keep an Eye on in 2020

Having a website is all but required for most companies in the modern day. There are many reasons to have a website for your business or company. In fact, of the companies that don’t have a website, over half of them said that they will build and have one soon.

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How to validate Phone Number and Address with PHP

When you consider that over 43 percent of cyber-attacks target small businesses, you can quickly see how important proper cyber-security is. One of the best ways to ensure users on your website is legitimate and not hackers with malicious intent is by validating their phone number and address.

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How to Reduce DNS Lookups to Speed Up Your WordPress Site

The speed and performance of your WordPress site can have a huge impact on how successful you are. Slow loading times reduce conversions and if your site takes even a few seconds too long to load, some people may ignore it entirely. A fast-loading and snappy site has a much higher chance of becoming profitable or popular.

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