My Top Ecommerce Marketing Strategies To Grow Your Online Business

March 20, 2020 4:48 pm

Here are some of the top e-commerce marketing strategies that can, from my personal experience, significantly grow your online business today.

Top e-commerce marketing strategies

#1 Strategy: Text message abandoned cart

We use an app called “Tobe abandoned cart”, so the benefit of text messages is that they have a far higher and faster open rate, so I think it’s something like  80 to 90 percent of people open their text messages within the first 15  minutes of receiving the(I’m definitely not one of those people). 

So as opposed to email, the open rate over the lifespan of an email a lot of the time is like 20 to  30 percent, so imagine getting 80 to 90  percent in the first 15 minutes, so that’s definitely something that we want to be taking advantage of (which can be used for Shopify products, as well).

A text message abandon cart works in the same way that an email abandon cart does. When you left items in your cart before and then 15 minutes later you might get an email with a discount code saying you’ve left items in your cart just to remind you to check out. So basically, it’s exactly the same, but via text message. If you have a customer’s mobile phone number, you can use SMS notifications to contact your customers.

#2 Strategy:  Facebook and Instagram video ads

If you’re not utilizing video in your advertising yet, you are leaving money on the table. The main tips that I’d give to these are to make sure that they’re captioned. I think it’s 85 to 90 percent of people watch Facebook and Instagram with their sound off, so if you’re not using captions in your video, you’re losing that audience. 

The next thing that we want to be doing is highlighting the brand – we want to create a bit of a narrative and we want to talk about the benefits of the product. A lot of the time a really good formula for these, that we use, again and again, is to have a compelling hook. Then you want to move on to some social proof or a stat that highlights the problem. Once you’ve highlighted the problem you want to focus on your product as a solution to that problem. 

You want to focus on the benefits of your product, not necessarily: “here’s drop bottle, it’s glass, it has a fruit infuser”. It’s more so: “what does that mean for your customer or your user?” – “It helps you stay hydrated”, “a lot of people find drinking water very boring”.  If you’re able to infuse fruit and herbs easily into your water, it’s easier to stay hydrated – that’s the benefits side. 

Then you want to finish up with a bit more social proof, that might be influencers using your product, it might be how many customers you’ve had, it might be highlighting your following on social media – everybody can find some social proof at some point, it might even just be customer review. 

Then you want to go into your offer, and this is really important so that you’re able to take people from start to finish on a bit of a journey and they may be ready to buy at this point. So now you hit them with your offer, which might be a discount code, it might be free shipping – it all just depends on what you’re able to offer. Make your offer as compelling as possible.