How to Simplify the WordPress Dashboard for Your Non-Techie Clients

June 6, 2015 9:19 am

WordPress is a masterly content management system software that has emerged as a boon for web designers. It offers great sort of themes, layouts and widgets to create and develop a unique and appealing website.

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Usually, WordPress sites are created and managed for the motley clients. In fact, most of them don’t know anything about the different functions of WordPress.

As a result, a website owner faces difficulties in managing the tasks, publishing the posts and uploading media. In fact, there are various other technical factors that might create complications for users. In order, to provide accessible services to the clients, you need to simplify the WordPress dashboard with the available tools.

How to make WordPress Amiable for Clients?

Usually, web services are provided to the local audience and non-techie clients who find obstacles in understanding the different aspects.

However, building a site is not enough, until or unless your client doesn’t have proper knowledge about WordPress. You can do changes in the WordPress interface to make it user-friendly.

How to create a WordPress dashboard stunning?

Being a website owner, if you have complete access over the WordPress dashboard, then you would be overwhelmed with the easy and simple log-in procedure. It means that you can log in to the website just at the simple click. However, many of the users trapped in the situation when they see clusters of things on the dashboard. That includes Activity, WordPress News, At a Glance, etc.

So, the easiest way to deal with the situation is to accustom the necessary Screen Options in the dashboard.

  • You can hide all the elements from the dashboard that is not important to a client. This allows the user to perform the task with ease.
  • You can also wipe out the columns such as comments and author from the Posts and Pages category.
  • Cart off the Send Trackbacks, Revisions, Slug from the editing screen of the Post and Page section.

Use of WP help in the dashboard

WP Help is a remarkable plugin that helps to create complete documentation forms for non-techie clients. Moreover, your clients can manage the documentation from their admin panel itself.

It gives the flexibility to store or keep updated documents into the board. It means you don’t need to update the documents in every location all the time on the dashboard. You can also manage the content of the guide that allows the particular client to organize their task with ease.

Audio-Visual Documentation Solutions

Guide your clients about how to access WordPress with the help of engaging and informative tutorial videos. There are two types of video documentation services in WordPress, including Video User Manuals and WP 101. Both of these AV services would help the users to get in-depth knowledge of the various elements available in WordPress.

It is the great educating tool for your clients, as they can easily manage their WordPress admin without any hassle.

How to modify the client Dash?

You can modify the Client Dash to make the work easy for your clients:

  • Disable default dashboard widgets
  • Develop new admin pages and add their links to the dashboard
  • Can add tabs having helpful information on all the pages
  • Disable logo and menu from the admin menu.
  • Remove the My Site menu from the admin menu.


As a web designer and developer, it becomes necessary for you to offer customized services to your client. It is your responsibility to offer the user-friendly WordPress dashboard that can help the user to manage the admin menu.

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Lucy is working as Sr. WordPress Consultant at WPGeeks Ltd. and assisting clients by providing Effective PSD to WordPress Conversion services. She has a great passion for writing technical content related to WordPress, PHP, and CSS.