9 Tips and Ideas Associated With Single Page Website Design

December 13, 2019 9:58 am

There is no denying the fact that there is undoubtedly something magical and exceptional about all those websites that are responsible for fitting within a single page. They are not only going to be graceful but most of the times they can be navigated easily and also provide the best user experiences within a particular space. There used to be a time when shying away from the single page websites was a common thing but users have started using this again and you must do it too. According to https://www.entrepreneur.com, 94% of the impression of the users is related to the design.

Single page

Given below is a list of the ideas and tips that you should consider when you are thinking single-page website design. 

Think in “pages”

When you are thinking about designing only one scrolling website, you have to think of in-pages. Every scroll should be capable of providing page like experiences, which will focus on one element only. This is going to create the ideal sense of organization as well as the flow for your website design. 

Timeline navigation

When one-page websites are being considered, there might not always be necessary and relevant light on the content. Some of the ideal one-page designs are longer format and longer scrolling websites. For all these projects, it is suggested that you think of timeline navigation, which will help users to understand where they are present in the flow of content. It also makes it super easy to track your location and how you can get back if you are interested in examining the content. 

On-page navigation

Any single-page website should not lack the common elements of the user interface, which include the menu; although it might look that it does not have these elements. You have the freedom of incorporating a menu, which is traditional looking. This is going to help with both searches as well as user flow. The difference is that the menu links jump to several sections associated with a one-page design. For users, who are interested in navigating in this manner, they will not know and understand that you are the one that has created this amazing trick. 

Make it extremely interactive

If you want to make sure that users keep scrolling, it is your responsibility to ensure that you are including interactive elements for encouraging this action. From parallax effects to videos to several touches of gamification or animation, interactivity is responsible for encouraging greater time and movement on site. This is particularly true with the single page designs. 

You can consider plenty of interactivity, which includes slide elements, pops in elements, hover animation, and scrolling text. All these come together to ensure that the users can move through the entire content easily. It is also responsible for including a lot of space so that interactions and subtle movements can be spotted easily. 

All on one screen

If you do not have enough content, one-page designs, which have one screen, are responsible for providing great user experience. You need to make sure that you are treating this particular website design like huge navigational elements with information and off-site as well as contact links. It is going to work perfectly well with all the portfolio landing pages and pages that are coming soon. The pages are going to be simple, impressive, and highly informative. The one-screen design is responsible for providing you almost everything that you should know about without anything unwanted getting in your way. 

Coming soon design

Speaking of the coming soon websites, this is the ideal use for the single page designs. In most instances, the coming soon pages are not responsible for having a lot of content. They have only one logo along with the contact information or introduction. In most cases, this can fit into one page and it is going to efficiently use the time of the users until the website is going live. This is responsible for creating a sense of anticipation as well as evoking curiosity, and these are the two most important qualities that users hope for within the coming soon pages. 

Do not forget to be funky

A single-page website is considered to be one of the best playgrounds if you are interested in trying something different and funky. Unusual displays are going to work perfectly well with small designs because you do not have to work on overdoing any trick. The minimal style, as well as creative display, is going to be enough for encouraging scrolling through the website within a short time, which is ideal for portfolios. Therefore, it is your responsibility to make sure that you are remaining as funky as possible, which will be perfect for your single-page website. 

Make sure that you are providing users with something to do

To ensure that you are keeping engagement up and keeping all your users interested in a design, you have to provide them with a lot to do within the single page websites. One failure is that these websites have huge scrolls of information. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are breaking the information up with several clickable elements, things to do, as well as calls to action. These elements will help in figuring out what your users are expecting from your design and they will also keep interacting with your website for a long time. This will also help in ensuring a consistent experience of the users.

Ensure that you are keeping it organized

When all the content of a website is present on one single page, it can be extremely easy to get your content out of your hand. However, it can lead to a perfectly organized canvas for your content. When you are working with a single page, you have to consider the uniform structure as well as the tight grid. Make sure that you are using them for keeping the content organized as well as grouped, which will make it easy for your users to understand and navigate easily. 


Single-page websites can be ideal if you are interested in breaking up heavy projects that you have been working on. Ensure that you are considering the tips and ideas that have been mentioned above so that you can design your single-page website perfectly.