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    Milos Stankovic

    Hi, just purchased the Hot Destinations theme for our travel agency, after uploading per all instructions.. I get this error on the back end of the site.. that is not allowing me to change the background image of the site… Also does anyone know of an easy to use manual.. whoever created this, did not make it user friendly.. lots of widgets that I have no clue what they do. Thanks for any help.

    WARNING WP_DEBUG is not enabled! Please test your theme with debug enabled before you upload!

    REQUIRED: No content width has been defined. Example:

    if ( ! isset( $content_width ) ) $content_width = 900;

    RECOMMENDED: No reference to the_post_thumbnail() was found in the theme. It is recommended that the theme implement this functionality instead of using custom fields for thumbnails.
    RECOMMENDED: No reference to add_theme_support( ‘custom-header’, $args ) was found in the theme. It is recommended that the theme implement this functionality if using an image for the header.
    RECOMMENDED: No reference to add_theme_support( ‘custom-background’, $args ) was found in the theme. If the theme uses background images or solid colors for the background, then it is recommended that the theme implement this functionality.
    RECOMMENDED: Screenshot size should be 600×450, to account for HiDPI displays. Any 4:3 image size is acceptable, but 600×450 is preferred.
    RECOMMENDED: Screenshot dimensions are wrong! Ratio of width to height should be 4:3.
    RECOMMENDED: add_custom_background found in the file functions.php. Deprecated since version 3.4. Use add_theme_support( ‘custom-background’, $args ) instead.

    Line 14: add_custom_background();

    INFO: header.php The theme appears to use include or require. If these are being used to include separate sections of a template from independent files, then get_template_part() should be used instead.

    Line 1:

    Line 164: require(YOURBASEPATH.’/styles/style’.$templateStyle.’.php’);

    Line 212:



    Those are not errors but just notifications produced by Theme Check plugin. You can completely uninstall this plugin if you like. Those notifications doesn’t have any impact on your site.

    Background images as well as many other parameters can be changed in HotWordPress Panel. You can access it in Appearance > Themes > Hot Destinations Options. You can’t change background in Appearance > Themes > Customize.

    This template contains a lot of widgets and it makes it look professional and complex. If you are experienced with WordPress, you would not have any troubles. If you don’t know WordPress well, then please learn it first. You can find literature here and online manual here


    Milos Stankovic

    My problem still is their with or with out the “Theme Check” it will not let you change the background image at all, it just stays the same.

    I am aware you cannot change background in Appearance as stated in the instructions.

    It would have been nice, if its clearly stated before you buy this theme that you have to be an “Expert” on wordpress,.. I currently run 7 different wordpress sites without a problem.
    I followed the instructions given exactly,.. it should work.
    Please advise on how to correct this issue.. Or better yet if someone can just go on my dashboard and fix it,.. it would be great too…
    Please advise..


    You can’t change background (or anything else) while predefined style is activated. So, select the Custom Style first and then change the options.



    I have the same problem, from the beginning the background did not change at all.

    The background slide feature/ static feature / solid color are not working.

    I tried to change it manually, but still no success.

    I installed the theme for testing on a local machine running XAMPP with the Hot Start installation method.

    Nothing changes, no matter what I do.

    What is the solution?

    Thank you

    Ivan Milic

    maybe you have some script issue but we would need to see site online

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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