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    Viv Rayner

    I have this theme on a website which uses a number of plugins. One of those plugins is the Comprehensive Google Map Plugin and this was working fine until the latest WordPress upgrade 3.7.1. The zoom and Pan controls on the map do not work anymore.
    A copy of the website is here:

    I initially thought it was another plugin that was conflicting with this one but I have tested each one by deactivating them individually but found this was not the problem. So I switched to Twenty Thirteen theme and the map controls worked. The Hot Hotel theme is suddenly conflicting with the operation of the plugin.
    I know I could change to another map plugin but this one is the best one I have found for my purposes and it is a very popular one (Downloads: 352,261).
    What’s more, I have used the plugin as a widget on many pages of the site and I would like to avoid having to change it to something inferior.

    Can you please advise what might be the cause of the conflict?
    I can supply login details to the copy site if that helps.

    Thank you


    Hello Viv,

    The link you gave above works fine on my computer. Let me know when you downloaded the Hot Hotel theme? I would like to inform you that we did some updates to all themes after release of WordPress 3.7. So, you might need to re-download the theme from our site and re-upload all files using FTP or reinstall the theme.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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