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    Can you tell me where I can change:

    1)the heading color for the h1 and h2 headers. The header is a turquoise color, but that is not the color specified in Hot Cosmetic Options -> Body.

    2) the body text color for posts and pages. I have it set to #000000 om hot cosmetics options -> body text, but it doesn’t seem to be having any affect.

    3) where is the code for “Comments: 0” that prints on the posts. I want to comment this out of whatever .php file it is in.

    4) in view page source, i can see: .header_wrap {background:#074c59 url xxxx.png. I photoshoped the header_bg2.png and topmenu_bg3.png to be the color I want. But it doesn’t cover the whole screen (I can still see the old color at the edges). is there another place in the code, where the color #074c59 is hardcoded.

    5) after i ftp the header_bg.png file to the server, it took over 30 min for it to show up. Is there a way to clear the cache with wordpress? or is it my browser that was holding on to the old .png. (i was reloading the Home page).


    1) Before changing options, set the style to Custom. If you like to keep the style and change only some parameters, edit file /wp-content/themes/wp_cosmetics/styles/styleX.php directly.

    2) Same answer as 1)

    3) Edit file /wp-content/themes/wp_cosmetics/content.php and remove this line:


    4) Same answer as 1). Also, try editing top of file /wp-content/themes/wp_cosmetics/css/template_css.php

    5) You should clear cache of the browser, not in WordPress.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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