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    Milos Stankovic

    The Contact form on the site is working, thanks to previous help on this forum. The problem I have now with it is weird. lol. Whenever the form is used it returns the message to me but every time it does it cancels out the user email address and replaces it with the default email of

    This results in us getting messages without any way to contact our customers. Any help out there? It will just be a simple change to the code but I am lost here.

    Thanks to all,



    Hi Billy,

    I tested this now and I was able to see the sender’s email address. It’s not actually written in the email, but the email that you received has been sent FROM the client’s address. So, if you hit REPLY, your email will be addressed to the client who filled the form.

    So, just check the FROM field of the emails you are receiving from your site.


    Milos Stankovic

    Hi Milos,

    Thanks for your prompt attention to this. I have done as you suggested and it does indeed reply to the senders email address. That seems to be fine. It is just that normally any email that arrives has the name and email address at the top of it. With this setup I have the enquirers name with my admin email in brackets next to it.

    Still, now that we understand that it’s all good. Thank you once again for your help and patience.

    Kindest Regards,


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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