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    David Aguilar

    Hi, again.
    I would like to build a two-language site, in which users could choose before browsing wether they wants to read pages in English or French.
    I assume I must build two pages per page, but I don’t see how can I (if I can) set menus and links to choose language with a simple flag in the home page.
    Thanks for any help.

    Ivan Milic

    Read joomla documentation about multilingual support. Basically you can chose for each object (not just page – menu item) for which language if will show up.

    David Aguilar

    Is it the same procedure for WordPress?

    Ivan Milic

    Sorry I did not see this was wp question, for wordpress see :

    David Aguilar

    Thanks for the answer, Ivan. Anyway what I want to know is wether I can create twin pages (English and French), twin menus, … or, as I deduce from what I read in the link you gave me, I must build two sites, and link them through one of those plug-ins.
    This site is in English and German. In the home page you can find the flags to chose the languages, and you find the exact content in both languages.
    This other site is in Basque and Spanish. When you choose language (top right corner ‘es‘ and ‘eu‘ buttons ) the URL changes its suffix ‘eu’ for the Basque version (Euskara) or ‘es‘ for the Spanish (EspaƱol) version. I’d like to do one of those, but I don’t know the structure. Thank you


    What you need is actually not related to themes. You need a plugin (if such exists) which allows WordPress to manage website in 2 or more languages.

    As far as I know, the most popular plugin for that is It’s not free though. For all details, please ask their support.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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