Re: Theme language


Sorry, let me be clear…
I’ve done this:

[li]Localized WordPress to italian[/li]
[li]Set WPLANG to it_IT in wp-config.php[/li]
[li]Uncommented this line in your theme’s function.php:

load_theme_textdomain(“hot_wine”, get_template_directory() . ‘/languages’);

[li]Translated your en_US file with Poedit ([strike]attached[/strike] can’t attach)[/li]
[li]Uploaded it (w the mo version) to wp-content/themes/wp_hot_wine/languages/[/li]
[li]Renaming the file to it_IT or hot_wine-it_IT doesn’t work neither[/li]

I don’t see what i’m missing, yet the translation don’t show up.