Re: sidebar right customization


Thank you for move topic to right place.

Ok, now I will try to explain it more clearly.
I installed kindergarten theme on my site.
This theme allows to put sidebar (which is called sidebar_right) and it display a submenu.

Now, on few pages I would like to have a submenu1, on next few pages I would like to display submenu2.
Submenus I created from admins panel.

I thought that I will put a switch or if condition, but at the code function displaying submenus is:


And now I have no idea how to resolve problem. All names of submenus starts with “right” + “String”. I suppose it should be something like:

switch ($page) {
case “one”: echo $rightX;
case “two”: echo $rightY;

but what I should write as a “$right…” cause I have (ucfirst($mpostion[0])) which is not saying me nothing….

Can you help me with it?