Re: Name and quote

Milos Stankovic

I’ve only created the Alimentazione” category. i’ve solved the problem deleting this category, and renaming one of the existing category from theme in Articoli and it seem to work, but when I add a sub category “alimentazione” the page changed in red again, both pages Articoli and Alimentazione. I deleted the sub category alimentazione, but the page Articoli remained red

I tried to change from style 3 to 1 or other, but yes i can change the style in my admin panel, but if you see my website the style remain the same (style4) for each style I choose

solved the problem with contact form, changing some value to the contact.php

Now remains the problems with the post shown in category. If I add post to category page it change all the layout of the page not only the color.

This is what i get

the text in the post was write directly to wordpress no in word or something else

I made theme check and this is the errors i got