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Sometimes (I would say if I edit a post) the white teaser text (before the “more”-tag) changes to black in Carousel an is not readable anymore – and it is hard trial and error to change it back, since nothing is changed in edit mode!?

Probably some styling is added to the text, but I can’t tell you exactly what until I see such slide live on your site. You can inspect code using Chrome’s Inspect Element command to see what’s up.

Also it does not work to say how many posts are supposed to been shown in Carousel – I tried every number between 4 and seven but it just does not work. And 11 is just too much!

There’s a small bug in file /wp-content/plugins/wp_hot_carousel_pro/hot_carousel_pro.php around line 323. This line should not be commended. So, change it to this:

$args[‘posts_per_page’] = $instance[‘count’];
Maybe you could also do something about the post title – since Carousel does not accept the regular title and we have to use a second (

) title to have an title in Carousel. But than we have two titles in the post (and preview) or an url problem because of a missing regular title…

Unfortunately, we can’t, because we wanted to have the image BEFORE the title, so we can align the image to the left and all text including the heading to the right. If we get the title from the post, it will be placed before the image (above it).

I also tried to change the “Read more…” in Carousel to german “weiterlesen” (as I did below in articles preview) but I don’t know how to do that – maybe you have a hint for me?

Please edit file /wp-content/plugins/wp_hot_carousel_pro/hot_carousel_pro.php. You will find 3 instances of “Read more…” text there. Simply change it to “weiterlesen”.

Another big change I would love to have: on Homepage and in Carousel it would be great, if clicking on the pictures would link to the post page (as clicking on “Read more…” or title does!

You can assign a link to the image when you edit post for the carousel.

Can I somehow increase the font size of the text following “Die aktuelle Wochenvorschau” in the upper right part? I also would like not to have it bold…

You can add this CSS to the file /wp-content/themes/wp_hot_sportal/style.css:

.widget_right .newsflash p { font-size: 18px; }
And last but not least: more than 50% of our readers are visiting our page with mobiles or tablets – it would be great, if you could do an responsive update with this really nice theme!

We are planning to make all older popular themes responsive. The Hot Sportal is on of them. However, it’s big amount of work, so it will take some time. All newer themes are responsive out of the box though.