Additional Features

This is a collection of “toys” for your site that you might (or might not) find useful. In some occasions, they can save a lot of time.

Logo and Slogan

Type your textual logo and slogan and control font’s appearance or select a logo image. Logo image should be uploaded into the “images” folder of Sparky theme. Click on the logo leads to the home page. Don’t forget to drop the Logo element into any row using Layout Builder.

Top Panel

Top panel converts the first row from Layout Builder into a button. Click on that button will show the content of the first row. You can edit text Open/Close that will be shown on the button. Also, you have full control of appearance of the top panel.

Font Resize

Font resize feature allows users to change font size on website in real time. To enable this feature, drag “fontresize” box into any row in Layout Builder. The font resizer is “intelligent” and it will remember the user’s selection for later visits (in cookie). Click on the reset link, resets the font size adjustments.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics can be activated just by entering your account’s ID. This is the ID that you would get from Google Analytics’s website. It’s usually in form of UA-123456-1. If you’re using Sparky, all you need to do to integrate Analytics in your site is to enter the ID.

Google Web Fonts

Google Web Fonts tab is where you paste code snippets if you’d like to use specific non-standard fonts provided by Google. After you paste the @import code here, you can use that font anywhere in Sparky where you should pick a font-family. For more details how to use this feature, please check Style Designer tutorial.

Scroll To Top Button

Scroll To Top button appears when user is in the lower part of your website. It’s shown in a form of a clickable button (you can select the button image) and it can be positioned in any corner of your site. Click on that button scrolls your site to the top smoothly.

Equal Heights

The Equal Heights feature equalize heights of all widgets within the selected rows using JavaScript. When you have several widgets in a row and they contain different amount of content, in some occasions you may want to equalize their heights. In example, if you have added borders or background on the widget’s container, you may wish to equalize their heights in order to make your site cleaner.

Video Tutorial

The following videos explains all additional cool features of Sparky Framework and what impact they have on your site. These videos also shows what you have to do to enable or disable some of these features.